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Wagon Wheel Benches

Wagon Wheel Benches & Decor

Wagon wheel benches offer rustic decor for the exterior or interior of your home. They are stylish and magnificent in their design. Some of these benches are rockers, too, so you can relax as you rock in serenity.

Along with cool wagon wheel benches, you’ll also find wagon wheel chairs and other wagon wheel furniture here.

Dress up your backyard, porch, patio, or the interior of your home, with this lovely and stately wagon wheel furniture.

A wagon wheel bench looks great in a garden, by a pond, on your front or back porch, etc. Use one as a flower pot holder, too. Give your yard a rustic look and appeal with a wagon wheel bench, rocker, chair, planter, and any other wagon wheel furniture.

Wagon Wheel Benches on Amazon

Rustic Wooden Wagon Wheel Outdoor Garden Patio Furniture Chair

Rustic Wood Wooden Wagon Wheel Outdoor Garden Patio Furniture Chair Country Yard

This gorgeous wagon wheel chair is the perfect pairing to your wagon wheel bench.

You can place this chair on a back porch (more than one chair would be even better), or in your yard, or on your patio.

This rustic wood wagon wheel chair offers a place to sit and a lovely piece of furniture for your outdoor areas.


Wagon Wheel Benches and Chairs

Sit in comfort and style on these wagon wheel benches and chairs, or simply use them to dress up any outdoor area in your yard.

 Wagon Wheel Adirondack Chair UMA Enterprises Wagon Wheel Wooden Bench – 43L x 33H in. Wagon Wheel Rocker Wood Rocker Wagon Wheels LoveSeat Outdoor Wagon Wheel Bench Rustic Wood Design Home Garden Wagon Wheel Bench Decor Best Choice Products Patio Garden Wooden Wagon Wheel Bench Rustic Wood Design Outdoor Furniture Wagon Wheel Bench AZM WAGON WHEEL BENCH

Wagon Wheel Yard Decor

Use these for planters and to decorate your yard with a Western or rustic appeal. These wagon wheel yard decorations will dress up any outdoor area! They make wonderful gifts for family and friends, as well!

 Fir Wood Wagon Wheel Double Tier Planter Plant Stand Wood Wagon Wheel Themed Planter with Buckets Best Choice Products Patio Garden Wooden Wagon Backyard Grow Flowers Planter w/ Wheels Home Outdoor Char-Log 30in. Wagon Wheel Decorative Vintage Wood Garden Wagon Wheel with steel Rim – 30 Leigh Country TX93759 Deluxe Wooden Wagon Wheel, 36 Rustic Wood Wooden Wagon Wheel Outdoor Garden Patio Furniture Chair Country Yard Water Pump Table Fountain GHP Outdoor Garden Yard Decor Double-Tier Rustic Finish Wagon Wheel Planter

Video of Wagon Wheel Bench

Wagon Wheel Rocker

This wagon wheel rocker actually rocks. Imagine a breezy afternoon on your patio or porch enjoying tea with family or friends or reading your favorite book.

Relax and enjoy the great outdoors in your very own wagon wheel rocker!

Wagon Wheel Rocker

Arapaho Bench (Teak)

Arapaho Bench (Teak) (48″H x 45″W x 31″D)

This Arapaho Bench is similar to the one crafted above, however this one is not a rocker, but is a bench.

It’s equally as impressive though, and will definitely make a statement in your yard or home.

Use it in any outdoor entertaining area, whether it be your yard, patio or porch.


Wagon Wheel Tables

How about a wagon cart table to go with your wagon wheel bench and chair? These rustic tables can be used indoors as a coffee table, and outdoors on your porch or patio. They offer a rustic touch for your home.

 Coaster Country Style Coffee Table KALALOU NBF2225 ANTIQUE WOODEN WAGON WHEEL Indoor/Outdoor Rolling Antique Red Metal Cart

More Wagon Wheel Decor

Dress up the interior and exterior of your home with this wagon wheel decor. It goes well with your wagon wheel benches, and it adds a western decor touch to any space.

 Sunshine Megastore Wagon Wheel Table 3dRose Old Wagon Wheel in Historic Coffee Table with Wagon Wheel Frame Chicken Rooster Hen Family Table Clock Horse And Wagon Wheel Salt And MSD Placemat Kitchen Table 15.8 x Koehler Home Outdoor Garden Yard Decorative Country Old Fashioned Wagon Wheel Garden ARTeFAC – DJ-2280 Industrial whine wheel Acadian Candle 9051 Wagon Wheel Candle UMA Enterprises Wagon Wheel Wooden Bench Groovystuff Dry Gulch Wagon Wheel in

Wagon Wheel Furniture & Decor on Wayfair

Wagon Wheel Furniture on Wayfair

Use this wagon wheel furniture inside or outside on a porch or patio to bring a touch of the old west to your design. If you enjoy rustic decor, you will love wagon wheel furniture and decor!

 Raylene Bicycle Wheel Adjustable Height Bar Stool Char-Log Wagon Wheel Porch Swing Wheel Patio Chair Wheel Wood Garden Bench Wheel Garden Chair Aline Rustic Wood Chair Wagon Wheel Double Tier Planter box Novelty Wheelbarrow Planter Wooden Wagon Wheel Fountain Dining Table Novelty Buckboard Wheelbarrow Planter Novelty Wheelbarrow Planter

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