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Waikiki Restaurant Coupons

Did you know that there are 20 plus high-end Waikiki and Honolulu Restaurant Coupons every year in the Hawaii Entertainment book every year? Click here to see the book or click here to see my review of exactly what’s in the book.

Honestly, there’s probably more than a hundred waikiki restaurant coupons in the book every year, but I haven’t actually counted.

Most of the coupons are buy one get one free, so if you are taking a vacation to Waikiki, this book would be best for you if you were going with at least one other person.

If you are going with a family – you may even want to get more than one book.

Besides restaurant coupons there are also activity coupons and even travel coupons.  The hotel savings may not be that great, but all of the rest of them are really awesome.

So, back to the restaurant coupons

here’s some examples from the 2012 book – the books are a little different but similar every year, so check what’s in it now if it’s no longer 2012.

Verbano on King Ristorante: buy one get one free dinner entree free up to $13

The Hau Tree Lanai: bogo dinner free up to $17

Monterey Bay Canners: buy one get one  free up to $18, buy one lunch and get one lunch free up to $10

Seafood Village: buy one dinner and get one dinner of equal or lesser value free (up to $20)

so the 2012 coupons are good till november 1, 2012.  the book goes on sale every spring so if you can wait till then that’s great.

There’s coupons for maui too if you are going to maui.  See all the coupons that are in the book here: Hawaii Entertainment Book Review

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