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Waiting for Dawn



Waiting For Dawn

Waiting for Dawn is a prequel to The Team Hope Series written by Susan May Warren.

John and Micah were high school buddies. Both are now in the military.  Lacey has been in love with Micah from the beginning but dates John. When John went into the military he quit writing Lacey.

Waiting for Dawn

Waiting for Dawn

Micah and two others get captured while working with a Raptor. They are being held prisoner.  When Lacey hears they are MIA She starts looking for a way to find them.

Micah isn’t sure which group has them prisoner but decides it must be Russia. They want the guys to teach them how to use the Raptor.

Lacey flies to Turkey and winds up at John’s base.  She talks him into trying to help her locate where Micah is being held and free him.

Micah knows he is in love with Lacey and can think of nothing else.  She is in every thought.  He decides to try to trick the men holding him prisoner by saying they will teach them to use the Raptor because it will give off a signal.  He hoped some one would notice the signal and locate them.

Lacey, John, and one other soldier were looking for any clue as to where they were and what had happened to them when Lacey saw the Raptor.

Read the book to see if they can rescue them and what happens.

I enjoyed the book but am not really into this type of book.  I have not read any of the other books that go with this one.
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