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Wall Shelves For Cats To Climb On

Cat Climbing Shelves

If you are the proud cat owner, you already know just how much these four-legged creatures love climbing and finding areas that are high up where they can view all of the action that is going on in the home. Cats are well known for loving the ability to lounge around and feel as though they are in their own interesting space that they can call their own. Instead of your cat(s) climbing up onto your furniture, which could cause damage or lead to items getting broken or your cat getting hurt, you can think about the installation of wall shelves for cats that they can use safely.

Wall Mounted Cat Shelves

Wall shelving or wall systems for felines are a wonderfully smart innovation in pet furniture. You can buy or make incredible wall mounted perches or shelves for your cats that are just right for lounging. Instead of having cat towers that take up valuable floor space, the shelves are up and out of the way, making them just right for apartments and tight living quarters.

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Cat Lounge Shelf

Another wonderful aspect of wall climbing shelves for cats is that your pets will have the ability to lounge and explore up high, which is something that felines truly love. Today, there are a lot of pre-fabricated wall mountable systems that you can buy that are going to fit in just right with your needs and your cats likes. The more that you shop around, you will be able to come up with a wonderful configuration that will be just right for your wall space and offer up a fun and intriguing area to keep your cats happy and occupied for hours on end.

When it is time to install your wall shelves for cats, all you have to do is follow the instructions and look for the perfect space that your pets will enjoy in your home.

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DIY : Homemade Cat Shelves

Carpeted and with feeding bowls

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  1. Hehe, I know someone who may be fond of these adorable wall shelves for cats! Mind you she has 6 Bengals :D

  2. Gypzeerose

    Cats are lovely animals, and some of us forget how important it is that they exercise. These wall shelves will be very helpful for them.

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