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Watch Cases – Great Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Keep Your Watches Clean and Organized with a Watch Case

Watch cases will help you keep your watches organized all in one place, and they provide protection for them from dust and damage that could occur when left out in the open. Keep watches clean, and display them proudly in a watch case.

There are many size and style variations of watch cases from which to choose. They come in many colors, shapes and sizes, so there’s something here for everyone.

Men and women alike will benefit from a watch case, so consider those on your gift-giving lists for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and so on…

Watch Box Large 20 Mens Black Leather Display Glass Top Jewelry Case Organizer

This watch case is very popular with Amazon customers, who give it a 4 out of 5 star average rating. It will hold up to 20 watches in two compartments. It features a glass top, so you can see your watches even when they are being stored.

Watch Box Large 20 Mens Black

20 Compartment Watch Cases

These attractive watch boxes each hold up to 20 watches and feature two sections for storage and a glass top case. These make awesome gifts for any occasion!

 Watch Box for 20 Watches Cherry Watch Box for 20 Watches Black NEW 20 Watch Box Mens Black

Watch Storage Box Leather Case For 6 Watches

This slightly rounded watch case has removable watch cushions for each of the six compartments that hold a watch. It also locks, and comes with the key. This is made of attractive rich dark wood and a pretty interior, that women and men alike will appreciate.

Tech Swiss TSA653BLK Watch Box Storage

6 Compartment Watch Cases

Sometimes a smaller case is just what is needed. These watch cases will hold up to 6 watches and each feature a glass top and the option to lock the cases, so you can be assured even the most expensive watches will remain safe.

 Watch Box 6 Mens Black Leather Sodynee® Watch Box Large 6 Mens Sodynee® Elegant 6 Piece Wood Watch Mantello Watch Box 6-Watch/12 Bracelets Black OTTFF Watch Box Men’s Coffee PU GotHobby 6 Mens Watch Display Case

Watch Box Large 12 Mens Black Leather Display Glass Top Jewelry Case Organizer

This case will house 12 watches and will look great on your dresser, chest or night stand. Keep your watches all in one place and clean with this watch case that is highly rated by over 100 Amazon customers. This is a popular choice!

Watch Box Large 12 Mens Black

12 Compartment Watch Cases

Whether you prefer a black or brown case, you have two great options to choose from here. Each case has a glass top, so you can easily see your watches, and each one holds up to 12 watches.

 Sodynee® Watch Box Large 12 Mens Songmics 12 Mens Black Leather Watch VonHaus Black Leather 12 x Watch/Jewelry/Cufflink OTTFF Watch Box Men’s Black Leather Oineh Elegant Wood 12-Compartment Display Case Watch Box Large 12 Mens Black

Watch Box Storage Case Leather For 10 Watches With Lined Pocket

This lovely case not only holds up to 10 watches, but it also has a lined pocket in which you can store other small jewelry items and trinkets. I love the rich interior color of this case, too! And this is one of the rare options that doesn’t feature a glass top case. This is the style I would want.

Tech Swiss TSA410BLK Watch Box Storage

10 Compartment Watch Cases

 Natura-Bam Elegant Oak Wood Watch Display Mantello Cherry Wood 10-Watch Box Showcase 10 Watch Cherry Wood Box Glass Songmics Black Leather Jewelry Box Watch Black Faux Leather 10-Watch Bracelet Display Luxury Design Rosewood Matte Stain Wooden

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