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Movies and TV : Do You Heart Butterflies and K-Dramas?

Isn’t it funny how you get fixated on certain things? For the past several months, my guilty pleasure has been absorbing myself in television series that are fictional accounts dramatizing periods in Korean history; mainly the Joseon Dynasty, 17th century. One of my nuggets right here at this site is about the first series that captured my interest. Tamra, the Island. Not only did it teach something about the history of Korea, but there were certain items in the show … you can call them souvenirs or memorabilia or collectibles … just little trinkets, etc., that I kind of want to own for myself.

For example, in Tamra the Island, there was a necklace with a crucifix (see below) that one of the lead male characters (“William J. Spencer”) gave to the lead female character (“Jang Beo-jin”) as a token of his love for her.

It went on my gift wish list!
Still shopping for it!

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There is another K-drama series and the name of the program, which is also the name of the main character, is Dong Yi. The series was released in 2010 and it is a must see for any K-drama enthusiast. The main character in this show has been searching for a lady in the palace who owns a key-marker in the shape of a butterfly. Dong Yi started searching for that butterfly when she was a young child, about 11 or 12 years, has grown up and become a young woman still looking for that other woman owns that butterfly.

Dong Yi just had to find the owner of that butterfly key chain!!

Image credit: MBC HD (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation)

I have always loved butterflies but Dong Yi’s desperation to find that key-marker has caused my fixation to shift to all things pertaining to butterflies. :)

Dong Yi (2010)
Available on DVD.


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Do You Enjoy Watching Korean Dramas?

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I had no idea about this TV series. This Korean drama jewel: Tamra, the Island sounds like exactly the kind of series I would binge watch.

    • Yes. Watch “Tamra the Island” first. It’s a perfect intro to Korean history. Then watch “Dong Yi”. It’s much more detailed but you will have a better appreciation for the story.

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