Wedding Postcards

If you’d like something a little different than the usual overly formal cards and envelopes for your wedding announcements, try these wedding postcards instead. They’re cute. They’re fun. They help the environment by using a bit less paper. They’re a little cheap to buy and to mail than regular announcement. They’re a great alternative.

Here are some wedding postcards for you to consider. Whether you need save the date postcards or rsvp cards or others, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on wedding postcards that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

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Scenic Beach Destination Wedding Postcards

Wedding Postcards

All of the wedding postcards are 100% customizable.
You can make any changes you want.

Save The Date Postcards

Can’t you just imagine your friends and family getting one of these cute cards announcing your upcoming wedding? They’ll be so excited and happy for you.

Not only are postcards a fun way to announce your wedding, but they’re a little cheaper too. You can put what you save on not having to shell out extra for envelopes and higher postage rates towards your honeymoon.

Also, these little postcards will make excellent keepsakes for the people who love you. Maybe in twenty years, someone will give it back to you framed as an anniversary present.

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Save The Date Postcards


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RSVP Wedding Postcards

These RSVP postcards make it really convenient for people to get back with you about whether or not they’ll be able to come to your wedding. All they’ve got to do is mark yes or no and drop it in a mailbox. People will appreciate that you’re trying to make things easy for them with all the things you’ve got going on trying to plan your wedding. Also, it may end up making less work for you too. There’ll be no having to call two dozen aunts, uncles and cousins who failed to respond. It’ll be so quick and easy for them that most will respond without prompting.

Bridal Shower Wedding Postcards

Planning a bridal shower for a best friend? These postcards are great to use as invitations. People will notice them as soon as they first glance at their mail. These are designed to stand out. They’ll make people excited about coming to the shower.

Table Number Wedding Postcards

Postcards are great to use for table number cards. They’re the perfect size. Just get them printed up, drop them on the tables and you’re done. Also, they’ll look much nicer than ones that have been done by hand.

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Table Number Wedding Postcards

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Thank You Wedding Postcards

When the wedding’s over and the honeymoon’s over and things are winding down, you’re going to want to say thank you to everyone who came on your special day and to everyone who sent you a present. These cards make it really quick and easy. All you have to do is address them and add a quick note if you want to. Then drop them in the mail and you’re all done.

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Thank You Wedding Postcards


Design Your Own Wedding Postcards

You can add your own images and text to make your wedding postcards uniquely your own. Do you want to make your own cards with a picture of you and your spouse-to-be and wording of your choice? No problem. It’s really easy to do. Just upload your photo and type in your text. Add whatever additional text you want on the back and it’s done. You can have beautiful postcards that are uniquely yours set up and ready to order in a few minutes.

Just Married Wedding Postcards

Do you prefer to wait and tell people that you’re married after the fact? Or do you want to send out cards to those who were unable to attend your wedding for whatever reason? Here are some great postcards geared towards doing exactly that. They’re beautiful cards and they do a beautiful job of announcing your marriage.

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Just Married Wedding Postcards


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Stamps For Wedding Postcards

Don’t forget to get stamps when you order your postcards. These are all wedding themed and add a little color and a little fun to the back side of the postcard.

Though these are pictured as first class stamps, you can get them for postcards.

See more stamps for wedding postcards here:
Stamps For Wedding Postcards


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