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Boost Your Metabolism – Understand The Causes Of Weight Gain

As you age, your efforts to boost your metabolism may get less and less results. This can be frustrating, especially if you are eating healthy foods, avoiding the junk and food chemicals, and exercise regularly. I am going to help you understand a little about the causes of weight gain and how you can make it easier again.

We are told that it is natural to gain weight as we age, and we just have to suffer the effects. Over 40, over 50, over 60 – you have less and less energy with which to keep up the struggle.

However, Dr. Al Sears explains that this is not necessarily natural. The complex of body signals – enzymes, or messengers, that control your appetite, and then regulate what happens to the fats and sugars you eat, can be interrupted.


When I was a teenager I used to picture fat cells as the Enemy. Useless blobs that increased in number or size – I wasn’t sure which, but I felt invaded by an unknown force that was completely out of my control. Life became diet, diet, diet.

Fat cells have their own activity. In fact, fat cells, if functioning correctly, prevent you from getting fat! Fat cells secrete LEPTIN which is a chemical signal to you, that you are full, and can stop eating. Leptin then instructs the fat in your cells to transform into the type of fat that gets used as fuel for your energy.

This activity can be sabotaged if you build up too many fat cells – a period of emotional eating, or perhaps an injury that keeps you confined for a period of time. In this case, a protein called CRP sticks to the leptin and switches off the signals.

Now, you do not feel full, and you do not feel energized. Your fat burning metabolism has been reversed. Another cascade of cellular events usually result once you have developed leptin resistance. Insulin resistance follows, further compromising your ability to process sugars, and then you store more fat.

What you need now is a combination of nutrients – real natural diet pills – that restore the body’s natural signals. This does not happen overnight, as it can with strong stimulants, also natural products, but do not restore the leptin signal, insulin signal signal, and related chemistry.

Over a few weeks, you can boost your metabolism with Primal Lean, while your body reverses the cellular-level causes of weight gain.

Boost Your Metabolism

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