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Weird Clocks

Weird Clocks for the Wall

If you like things that are weird and unusual, you’ll enjoy these weird clocks! Hang something unique on your walls at home or at the office, and watch people’s reactions. You’ll have so much fun enjoying these clocks yourself, as well as watching others get a kick out of them.

If you love giving gifts that are unusual, consider giving a weird clock to family and friends. Why settle for the normal and mundane, when you can have something fun and unusual?

Hang a weird wall clock in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage, office and anywhere else you want to add a little touch of whimsy and delight!

CafePress hmm thats weird… Wall Clock

CafePress - hmm thats weird... Wall Clock - Unique Decorative 10

Who Might Enjoy a Weird Clock?

Give the Gift of Fun!


Weird Wall Clocks

Some of these weird wall clocks actually contain the word “weird,” and are fun decorations for adults and teens. Others are simply unique and fun.

Hang them on any wall in your home and enjoy the reactions of people’s faces when they look to see what time it is.

These make fun and unique gifts for family and friends, too! Click on any photo for details and pricing.


Deco Fabulous Metal Kitchen Wall Clock

Ideal for Kitchen or Dining Room

Deco 79 66985 Fabulous Metal Kitchen Wall Clock, 15

Unique Wall Clocks

These unique wall clocks will add a touch of fun decor to any room in your home. For something unusual and fun, hang one of these or give them as a gift to loved ones for any occasion. Click on any photo for details and pricing.


Black Plastic Melted Wall Clock

Black Plastic Melted Wall Clock

Funky Wall Clocks

If you like funky designs, you’ll love these weird wall clocks. Each has a fun and unique style that eclectic design lovers will enjoy. Hang these on any wall in your home for a fun design touch!

Click on any photo for details and pricing.


Funny Animal Wall Clocks

These funny wall clocks each feature a whimsical animal and will offer delight to all who need to know the time. These make great conversation starters, too! Click on any photo for details and pricing.


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