What Do You Know About CTE (Career And Technical Education)?

What Do You Know About CTE (Career And Technical Education)?

Have you read about the insane amounts of student debt people are taking on these days just to get ahead in the job search? They come out of college with all these degrees and no jobs available for them.

People who went to college for 4 or more years now have no way to find  job they are qualified for. They are either over qualified or under qualified still. What’s even worse for those new graduates is a lot of companies promote from within just due to the fact that it takes less training for those already inside the company with actual hands on experience and not just a paper to show for all that debt and hard work. So many of those people are now living back at home with Mom and Dad.

What Do You Know About CTE (Career And Technical Education)?

That’s not what you want! You want a job you are qualified for and have the experience actually doing the job. You need a career or technical education. The main focus is not on remedial math or science, or all those things that don’t necessarily qualify you for a real world job. You are being trained for the career of your choice.

Take the quiz below and see how much you know about career and technical training education!


Get A Head Start On Your Career And Technical Education

 The History and Growth of Career and Technical Education in America, Fourth Edition Essential Elements of Career Counseling: Processes and Techniques (3rd Edition) (The Merrill Counseling Series) Building Workforce Competencies in Career and Technical Education (PB) (Adult Education Special Topics) Career Interventions and Techniques: A Complete Guide for Human Service Professionals

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