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What Is Audit Proof Records?

Forbes Magazine reports that of the 28 million small businesses in the United States, over 22 million (nearly 75%) are self-employed individuals with no additional payroll or employees.

These would include plumbers, electricians, construction & remodeling workers, painters, landscapers, auto repairmen, beauticians and freelance professional services.

More than half of these businesses are home-based and they generate more than $989.6 billion annually.

Audit Proof Records Is Perfect For Small Business Owners

Since many of these business owners are one-man operations and work the greatest extent of daylight hours, little time remains for the tedious, yet necessary task of business accounting. The cost of retaining a professional accountant to provide this monthly service can be stressful to the small business budget. Depending on family members to consistently account for business income and expense items can also pose certain vulnerabilities.

Use Audit Proof Records On Any Device While On The Go!

Audit Proof Records was developed with this kind of self-employed business owner in mind. A complete online service accessible with any electronic device with internet connection capabilities, Audit Proof Records is a simple, Schedule C based software that provides self-employed individuals fast login and data input on the field, on the go.

Is There An App For That? Yes There Is!

As quick as it takes to write out an invoice or jot a note, a person can login with a smart phone and make a quick entry using a friendly dashboard portal.

The user can maintain business income, expense items, mileage, inventory control, customer contact database, vendor/supplier database, reconcile business bank account with convenient download feature, and run various reports necessary for tax purposes.

Audit Proof Records Leaves You More Time For Business

Additional service options can provide the business owner with a personal tax consultant to overview his account from month-to-month and prepare & e-file his quarterly business taxes. The program is designed to require the least amount of time and the greatest amount of effectiveness for the small business owner. That leaves him to concentrate more on his services and his customers rather than become so bogged down with bookkeeping encumbrances.

Audit Proof Records can be viewed in demo format at Auditproofrecords.com.

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