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What is “paper.li”?


I really can’t remember now how I found “paper.li” and somehow I found the concept a bit hard to grasp! But then, I set it up and now it does a bit of networking for me, no spamming, just linking and producing something “nice”, i.e. a professional looking online newspaper.

For a start, “paper.li” is a website address, a URL. You just type it into your browser and you get their main page.

“Start an online newspaper today” is their slogan and then you just click on the yellow “Start your paper” button and begin with giving your little newspaper a flashy title!

Then you specify where the content should be taken from. I’ve chosen content from Twitter and a few of my friends at Redgage.com and myself, of course!

From now on everything is automatic. “paper.li” is watching what I and my friends post on Twitter and adds this with photos, if available to my little online newspaper. How they do it? I have no idea, some clever programming, no doubt!

Then, at any time, every day, if you like, you can have a look at your freshly updated online newspaper and send the link to your friends or network the link where ever you can.

I’m not generally going mad over thing I like, but the minute I got the hang of setting up a little online newspaper for one of my topics, I couldn’t stop anymore. In one afternoon I created 3 paper.li’s and now I can go back anytime to have a look at them. Paper.li collected everything that I specified in the keywords and now I can sit and enjoy my own newspaper every day with things that really, really interest me. And since I tweet quite a lot, every time paper.li picks up one of my tweets and publishes it in my paper, it creates a backlink. Brilliant!

Paper.li can also be used in a classroom, teachers and kids will have a lot of fun and learn a lot!

No wonder they are eligible to win the Mashable Award, you can vote for them on their main page!

I really like this little online jewel, have a look yourself if you want to do some networking with a little online newspaper that fills itself practically automatically!


Thanks for calling in!

Google+ Page – Antje Cobbetton

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  1. When it comes to publishing tools, Paper.li is a jewel. Super easy to do and as you have indicated, creates a backlink that is respected by the search engine. I created several papers.

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  2. Very nice explanation. I did finally make a little paper. It is delightful. And a backlink is afterall, a backlink. Thank you!

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