What Song Will Be Played At Your Funeral?

What Song Will Be Played At Your Funeral?

Sometimes we wonder what will happen when we die. Will there be a huge outpouring of grief among the many friends and family we hold close? Or will our very small close circle of friends and family gather to say goodbye and share stories of our time together?

Will the overall theme of your funeral be of sorrow or a celebration of life? Will it be solemn or a get together to reminisce about fun times and great triumphs?

Consider the music that would be played at your funeral. The music may reflect your life. What kind of person are you? What will they remember about you?

Are you more of a ’70s music person or are the ’80s stuck in your head forever? Take the quiz below and find out what song will be played at your funeral.

Funeral Music on DVD – It’s Best To Be Prepared!


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  1. Awww….I got “Wind Beneath My Wings” – that was a fun quiz!

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