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What Would Buddha Do?

Just like Jesus, Buddha was enlightened and offers authentic wisdom and spreads a message of know thyself, love and compassion. At any moment of your day, if you were to stop and ask, What Would Buddha Do? …then you are well on your way to living a conscience and awakened life. WWBD, the eternal question: What Would Buddha Do? Simple black and white design of Buddha meditating with WWBD lettering.

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I work in the graphic arts and internet marketing fields. I love creating art that covers topics from sports to spiritual designs. Several of my Zazzle shops are: Earth Tribe Gallery, Buddhism Gifts, and Law Enforcement Gifts.

Om Tibetan Jewelry


Tibetan Amitabha Handmade Buddha Statue,4 Inches

Tibetan Amitabha Handmade Buddha Statue, 6 Inches

Tibetan Handmade Amitayus Buddha Statue

Tibetan Antique Handmade Buddha in a Box Statue

Avalokiteshvara Handmade Buddha Statue, 4 Inches

Buddha Wrist Mala Bracelet

Buddha Head Olive Wood Wrist Mala

20 mm Buddha Prayer Beads- Wooden

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