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What Do You Need to Get 3D on your TV at Home?

Here’s What You’ll Need for 3D on Your Home TV

If you want to be able to watch movies and other programs in 3D or if you want to play video games in clear and crisp realistic high-definition 3D displays, then you would need to get 3D-capable display.

This is the most important aspects to get the 3D experience you want, and there really is no other way to go about it.

A 3D TV is usually equipped with a higher processing power and more advanced specifications than older TV models, as these specifications are necessary to achieve the 3D effect.

Whether you plan to get a 3D TV or a projector that is 3D-capable, the display system is important so you really have no other choice but to get a model that is designed to accommodate 3D movies and images.

The increasing popularity of 3D-capable displays has made it easier for everyone to have access to these kinds of units, as the most popular television brands have already released models that accommodate 3D viewing, and some of them even come in 65 inches to 82 inches in size.

Whether you plan to buy more expensive models like Samsung or Panasonic or more affordable ones like Mitsubishi, there are many available options out in the market.

The biggest 3D HDTV available so far is the Mitsubishi 82-inch 3D TV and it is sold for less than $4000; so if you want to go all the way with your home entertainment system, then getting a big TV would be an excellent choice.

A Pair of 3D Glasses

After you have chosen your 3D-capable display unit, you would need to get a pair of 3D glasses if you want to watch movies in full 3D effect.

There are generally two kinds of 3D glasses that you can use for your 3D TV:

Passive glasses, where each lens is polarized so that the user can see both overlapping images on the screen for that full 3D effect; and the Active glasses, which splits two images so that one is displayed on your right eye and the other on your left eye.

While both types are effective in giving you the full 3D effect, most people and most television manufacturers prefer the use of active glasses because the 3D effect it offers is better and can be viewed at any angle, whereas passive glasses have to be used directly in front of the screen to achieve the 3D effect.

A good kind of 3D glasses would be crystal shutter glasses as it allows each eye to view images in sequence so that the eye only perceives the particular image in 3D effect.

These glasses are usually synched via Bluetooth to the 3D TV for proper perception and sequencing of images on the HDTV.

3D Blu-Ray Disc Player

A lot of movie studios release 3D Movies in Blu-ray discs only. If you want to be able to watch 3D movies at the comfort of your own home, you would need a Blu-ray player to read these discs so that you can watch them on your 3D TV.

New models of DVD players are usually Blu-ray capable; though some are not able to read the 3D format, so you may have to buy a player especially for your TV to get the 3D effect you want.

You have to be careful when buying 3D discs as there are those that are old versions. If you want to experience the full 3D effect in high definition, then you should get the newer versions.

If you don’t know exactly which models and which discs are Blu-Ray, you just have to look for the Blu-ray logo and you should be safe.

Blu-ray discs are sold in a lot of stores now because everyone prefers high-definition movies; and with the release of 3D HD TVs, more and more moviemakers have made the switch.

If you want to fully maximize your 3D TV, then you should definitely get a Blu-ray disc player.

A 3D Blu-Ray Disc Gaming Console and 3D Games

You already have your 3D TV and you can finally enjoy movies in 3D, but you want to translate the beauty of 3D to your gaming experience, then you need not worry because a lot of games are now made available in 3D.

If you want to play video games in 3D, then you should also get a 3D-capable console and 3D games; newer consoles like the PlayStation 3 can read and play 3D video games so you can get the full 3D experience even while playing games. The PlayStation 3 has updated its firmware to support and play 3D games.

While there are not that many 3D games yet, the gaming industry is slowly getting there so you just have to wait for the latest 3D releases of your favorite games if you want to enjoy them in clear and crisp high-definition 3D presentations.

With some of the most popular games now made available in 3D, you can take better advantage of your 3D TV and enjoy a gaming experience like no other. Play a racing game and feel the adrenaline rush as you switch gears to make that final lap.

A Cable Box

Once you have everything ready— your 3D TV, a pair of 3D glasses, a gaming console that is 3D-capable, and a Blu-ray disc player—you should also get a cable box so that you can watch your favorite shows in full 3D.

Most cable providers offer particular channels in 3D and high definition for an added fee. You can choose your favorite channels and watch them in 3D.

Most cable providers provide a cable box with an HDMI output. If you already have this, then you do not need to get a new one as all you need is a firmware update so that you can enjoy channels in your 3D TV.

A lot of cable providers offer sports, music and documentary channels in 3D because the effect is much more appreciated when translated to these kinds of shows.

A lot more channels are going to be 3D capable in the years to come, so just keep yourself updated so that you don’t miss out on anything.

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