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What Your Name Means

What your name means

What your name means– Do you know? It’s an interesting topic and I thought it would be a great way to start here at webnuggetz.

My name is Wayne which means wagon maker in old english. Kinda funny because I have never made a wagon! If you want to know the meaning of your name, look here: what your name means

Once you know the meaning of your name, you can look up the meanings of friend’s and family names. Make a party out of it! Not only is learning the names fun, but it’s also educational. You actually can have a good time doing something educational.
Have fun and show everyone your results!

Your name can tell a lot about you, hopefully this lens can accomplish that. All names have meanings and I won’t even get into last names in this lens. Your parents gave you a name for a reason, do you think they even knew the meaning of your name? Chances are they probably didn’t, but that’s another thing that makes our names interesting.

Our names are important to us, and our loved ones, this is just a fun way to look at the meaning and origin(s) of them.

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  1. My name means “Pearl.” It’s so important as to what we name our children. You might be calling your son “evil one from Denmark,” every time you say his name. So parents-to-be, please research the name you want to name your child.

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