Which Goddess Would You Be?

Which Goddess Would You Be?

While you may be more familiar with the Roman and Greek gods and goddesses, there are hundreds more you may or may not know.

You’ve always known you were really a goddess, haven’t you? Now is time to prove that you were right.

Goddesses have a lot to think about. Just like mere mortal women, they have to consider how they will dress and present themselves. They also have their faults just like regular humans.

Some have terrible tempers, while others have an unquenchable need for food. Some are peaceful and only represent real and honest love, while they may be more naive.

Then you have the temptresses and the witches. Don’t forget the goddesses that oversee the hunt and the protectors of man.

These goddesses rule the area they were born to protect but they still have hearts of women. They protect children and animals and those who cannot protect themselves. Some goddesses are a bit mischievous and others quit vengeful.

Take this quiz of 19 questions and find out which of the goddesses you are most like.

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