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Whiplash Symptoms – Treat A Stiff Neck Immediately

Physical therapy for a stiff neck, one of the main whiplash symptoms, should begin as soon as possible after a car accident. The soft tissue injuries from the whiplash, or a de-celeration/acceleration injury are very painful, and can even include lower back pain. Often the whole spine will feel stiff and sore, but after some physical therapy sessions, the pain will localize in the cervical spine, or neck.

A chiropractor or a physical therapist can treat a stiff neck. After the soft tissue injuries have begun to recover, you will probably need spinal manipulation to get your neck/back bones realigned. It’s always good to have this done when necessary.

Sometimes a stiff neck causes arm pain which will go away as the neck soft tissue injuries get treated. Typical treatment is ultrasound therapy, which is a sound current applied to the muscles, causing heat and increased circulation. This will speed up the healing time.

Another form of physical therapy is electrical muscle stimulation. Sticky patches attach to the muscles and an electrical current is run into them. It feels a little prickly, but doesn’t hurt at all. After a few moments, the muscles start to relax, and this can feel very soothing.  Same as ultra sound, this physical  therapy increases the rate of healing.

Inflammation and pain are caused by the healing process. Physical therapy as described above promotes the removal of dead cells and waste products from the “factory” work of each and every cell involved. As waste products are removed from the site of the soft tissue injuries, congestion is relieved and you start to feel better.

A very important reason to get your stiff neck treated quickly, is because,

scar tissue begins to form within 24 hours of an impact.

Soft tissue injuries are not just about pain and stiffness, but also lead to scar tissue. So don’t wait to call your local chiropractor! Go the very next day if possible.

Most doctors will see you on a lien basis because the at fault party’s insurance is going to pay for your treatment. A lien agreement means that the doctor and attorney who handles your claim will settle your case and get your bills paid. So you do not need to worry about paying as you go.

So after a rear end car accident or other whiplash injury don’t hesitate! Here’s a little more information on treating a stiff neck.

Treat your stiff neck with physical therapy

Treat your stiff neck with physical therapy



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