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White Plastic Batter Bowl with handle

Plastic Batter Bowl with Handle and Spout

Whether its banana pancakes on a Sunday morning or cupcakes for a school bake sale you will love this lightweight white plastic batter bowl with handle.

White Plastic Batter Bowl with handle and spoutWhite Plastic Batter Bowl with handle and spoutWhite Plastic Batter Bowl with handle and spout

It has permanent measurement markings inside that are easy to read. So, say, if you were making instant pudding, you would measure the milk in the bowl and mix in the pudding without having to use a separate measuring cup.
The high sides ensure your kitchen counter is free of splashes even when you are using an electric mixer.
I like the integrated comfortable handle and the pour spout. It allows you to pour the batter into cupcake tins or waffle irons with ease.

The bottom is weighted and has molded feet to keep it steady when mixing.

This versatile bowl will have many uses in the kitchen:
– It can double as a liquid measuring cup
– Use it do hold chopped veggies for soups
– Mix salads
– Make family size tuna/chicken salad

Its dishwasher safe but washes easily by hand as well.

Convenient Size: 8 cups or 2qt
BPA free
Not for microwave use.


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