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Who Said It: Famous Philosophers Or Disney Characters?

Who Said It: Famous Philosophers Or Disney Characters?

You have heard a lot of philosophical ramblings over the years. In fact, you have heard so many that you may be confused as to who may have actually said them. Sometimes it’s hard to remember if it was said by Socrates or Cinderella!

Have you ever heard someone quote something with such eloquence and suddenly realized it was from a Disney movie and not the writings of Plato?

Okay, young Grasshopper, here is your chance to show off what you know. Take the quiz below and tell us who said it. Was it a famous philosopher or a Disney character?

Who Said It Famous Philosophers Or Disney Characters

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Philosophy and Disney


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  1. I had a lot of fun with this Holley. I guess it makes it easier to justify chilling out and watching Disney movies – I am really getting a serious dose of philosophy!

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