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Why Commenting on WebNuggetz is a Key Factor to Your Success

Commenting on blogs and other websites has always been one of the most social ways of interacting with your friends, peers, and other people who may have a common interest as you.

We all like to be voice our opinions and on WebNuggetz, voicing one’s opinion means writing new nuggetz, but we also like to WebNuggetz know that people are listening to us and are reading our posts. WebNuggetz provides a feature where people can comment similar to commenting on blogs.

The following is a list of reasons why commenting on others’ nuggetz will benefit you:

  • It shows writers that share a common interest with you that you respect their opinion.
  • It let’s people know that you also exist as a member
  • It will bring reciprocal comments to your own nuggetz.
  • It shows the entire community that you want to be a part of it.
  • It helps major search engines like Google and Yahoo to move that author’s post up in the search engines.
  • It shows the WebNuggetz community that the author is a popular writer.
  • Most of all, it shows respect toward the author, community, and website as a whole.

How to comment:

  • After you read an article, state your opinion and whether you agree with author or not.
  • If you publically disagree with an author, state why. Do not just say “I disagree with you”.
  • If you have another nugget that is similar in nature to the content of the particular hub, list it. This may bring you additional readers and comments.
  • If you recognize a situation stated by the author, list one of your own situations having to do with the content matter.

How To Get People To Comment:

  • Ask your audience questions. Have a section where you ask questions.
  • Ask people to comment directly.
  • After you receive some initial comments, go back and edit your post and highlight one of those comments. That will encourage people to leave more comments.
  • Always reply to everyone’s comment. It shows people that you are not just speaking. It shows that that you are also listening.

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  1. I always look forward to comments. It is a good reminder.

  2. Indeed, commenting is how we get to know each other! I will do better!

  3. Bruce, spot on post thanks. It jumped out at me when I was reading the activity page. Commenting is a VERY good way to find like minded persons. In addition to that it can generate a lot of addition trafic to your own work ( so sayeth my google analytics!).

  4. Nice post Bruce.

    Getting a comment on a post is alomost like getting a real letter in the mail nowadays. It’s great to see what other people think, and it helps build community.

  5. I can’t even tell you how many great connections I have made just commenting the past two years. Finding people with the same interests is power. I found Thomas randomly just commenting on his things, I’m so grateful for it too. I love this post. Commenting is a key factor to success, I totally agree with that. You are such a brilliant guy Bruce. I love what I see already from you!

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