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Why I Use Pre Paid Credit Cards

Pre Paid Credit Cards Saves Money

The idea of a pre paid credit card is to pay for your purchases with money that has been pre loaded onto the card. Pre paid credit cards are exactly like credit cards except you pay ahead of time instead of later. Compare the best rates for pre paid credit cards.  When you prepay your credit card you don’t have to ever worry about over the limit and overdraft charges.  With a prepaid credit card you have all the spending freedom as a credit card without the debt.   With a prepaid credit card you can never spend more than you have because it’s prepaid.  Once you’ve hit your limit, you don’t shop anymore.  With a regular credit card you tend to spend more than you can pay back because it’s available.  A prepaid credit card makes you conscious of your shopping decisions because to you, it’s just like cash.

Prepaid Credit Cards are Safer than Cash

Visa Credit Card

Using a pre paid credit card that features a popular credit card company logo such as Mastercard or Visa means you are covered by the same protections as any regular credit card holder.  If your card becomes lost or gets stolen your card, and your card balance and card can be replaced.  When you carry cash you are exposing yourself to loss and robbery and the money can never be replaced.  No one carries cash anymore because of the huge risk associated with it.  Cash can never be replaced but a lost prepaid credit card can.

Poor Economy Leaving Many without Banks or Credit

commerce bank card 2

Bad credit is just a result of the economy we are living in.  Many are without a job, losing homes and banks and credit card companies show no mercy.  With a prepaid credit card there are no credit checks.  No more embarrassment over your personal financial circumstance.  Anyone can get a prepaid credit card without a background or credit check.  No job is required to own one of these prepaid Visa or MasterCards.   When someone mentions the word credit check it’s like the atom bomb just went off in your chest right?  That’s worse than a root canal or an IRS audit.  Put your money on a prepaid debit or credit card and your privacy will stay private.

Why do I use Prepaid Credit Cards?

Bad Credit History?

Many of my friends and even some of my family often ask me the same thing… Why do you use those pre paid credit cards? I typically respond with “Why do you use those expensive credit cards?”!

Credit cards carry many fees and charges, that to me it only makes sense to buy and pay for the things I want with the money I have on hand.  Debt is a four letter word I want nothing to do with.

Credit Card finance charges are outrageous these days! Some are upwards to 24% of your purchase cost. Do you want to be charged $24 for every $100 you spend? Must normal pre paid credit cards have a simple one time fee of $5 when you add money to it. Many point of sales purchases have no fees or charges at all. Using an ATM machine to withdraw cash only costs the standard ATM fees of around 3%.

Save Money By Using a Pre Paid Credit Card

These are just a few of my personal reasons for using a pre paid credit card. Below is a great video from the Today Show on NBC where they go into detail about the pros and cons of using a pre paid credit card.

Pros and Cons of Pre Paid Credit Cards

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  1. I have been seriously considering prepaid credit cards. I appreciate reading your opinion!

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