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Fashion & Style : Boho Fashion: Wide Leg Palazzo Pants

Once watched a Doctor Who episode and in this particular scene, the Doctor and his female assistant had to climb up the stairs to get where they needed to go. Dr. Who says (trying to be a gentleman, of course): “You first.” To which the young lady responded: “No you go first. I’m wearing a dress!” LOL.

Recently read a fun fact about women’s fashion in western culture. Did you know that women wearing trousers did not become acceptable and popular until the 1970s? Fine by me. Those were my high school and university years.

My late mother used to say: “Take good care of your clothes and maintain your weight. Don’t worry the clothes will come back in style. They may call it by a different name but you will be able to wear everything all over again.” :) She was right.

There is a fashion style called Palazzo Pants. Back in my day not sure they even had a name but remember wearing this style or something very similar. They were ever so comfortable, looked good, and weren’t very expensive then. Guess what? They’re still comfy, still look fabulous, and are not very expensive now!

Let’s see a show of hands?

All my ladies out there who remember wearing these pants, holler!! :)


Fashionable and fun women’s wear!

Perfect for the spring and summer months.

Uptown Apparel Womens Fold Over Waist
Wide Leg Palazzo Pants

Superline Wide Leg High Fold Over Waist Palazzo Pants (Medium, Black Solid)

Printed Palazzo Pants (Small, Lunar Dance)

LL WT742 Womens Boat Neck Short Sleeve Dolman Drape Top L BLACK

MBJ WT638 Womens V Neck Asymmetrical Tunic Top XL RED

Agree or Disagree.
Boho clothing never goes out of style.

Famous celebrities like Joni Michell, Janis Joplin and Cher are all icons of the Bohemian fashion style.

REF: The History of Boho Style – Glamour Shots

Happy Holidays!

Brighten up the red tunic top and black palazzo pants with a headband.

Lux Accessories Xmas Holiday Christmas Headband – White Green Red Floral Crown

Lux Accessories Xmas Holiday Christmas Headband – Green Red Floral Crown

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