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Will Obama Be a One-Term President?

Obama Takes the Oath of Office January 20 2009What do you think?  If you ask me (and even if you don’t) I think re-election for Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is looking pretty unlikely and that his name will most likely be added to the list of one-term presidents.

But anything can happen in 16 months.

Thing is, it’s been two and a half years since Obama was sworn in as our 44th president and most of what has happened since then hasn’t been so good.  The economy continues to struggle, unemployment numbers continue to rise, and new jobs seem to be almost non-existent.  After controversial debate, the health care plan known as ObamaCare was passed, but since that time even the Congressional Budget Office admits that Obama’s pet project is going to be costly, despite Obama’s promises to the contrary.

So, how do you think it’s looking for Obama?  Are you an Obama fan or an anti-Obama supporter (many say “anyone but Obama” will do a better job in the White House)?  Consider this your invitation to join the debate and let us know your feelings.  Will Obama be our next one-term president?  Let your voice be heard!

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  1. Galea

    Stupid people gave us eight years of Bush, so I assume the stupid people will be working hard to see that we get another lying Republican idiot like Bachmann or Perry in the white house so that the corporations can get richer while the nation loses its prosperous middle class.

  2. I think it’s anyone’s guess — the country is so fickle these days, the politicians gain and lose favor overnight and anything could happen. I hope he is one-term. The media does a very poor job of informing the public, preferring to vacillate between showing their chosen ones in only favorable light and then whacking those same chosen ones after the fact. The media’s love story with Obama is pretty well-documented, but they still like to play the game of showing only the “pluses” about Obama’s plans, so people don’t get the full story, and then pouncing on Obama when the plan goes awry. And the Congressional Budget Office pretty well discredited the Obama Health Care Plan as excessively costly and tangled BEFORE it passed, but it seems hardly anyone knew because the media didn’t report it.

  3. Ann

    I think any president has a difficult job and I believe he is doing his best. I really don’t know if any one else could do any better I was not impressed with the job George Bush Jr..

  4. I will bet a silver american eagle he is a one term president. (one bet per post lol I’m not minting them ya now).

  5. Let us hope that Obama will be a one term president!

  6. I sure hope and pray he is a one term president!!

  7. Will Obama be a one term president? I think so.

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