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Window Perch For Cats

Buying A Window Perch For Your Cat

Having a cat as your pet means making sure that you have plenty of accessories and necessities so that your four legged family member is happy and healthy. While observing some of the characteristics of your cat, you may notice that he or she likes to get up as high as they can to enjoy a different view within your home. This is why a lot of people will look into buying a great window perch for cats to allow their feline friend a bit of freedom to enjoy themselves without getting up on some of the furniture or other areas of the house.

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Heated Window Sill Perch Bed

Heated Kitty Window Sill Perch Bed Fleece 14-Inch by 24-InchHeated Kitty Window Sill Perch Bed Fleece 14-Inch by 24-InchRead Reviews

– One of the best selling window sill perch bed for cats
– Sturdy, supports pets upto 40 lbs
– Easy to assemble. Perfect for apartments
– Can also be mounted to the sill using screws provided
– Includes a 6 watt heating unit for year round use and orthopedic sleep surface
– Good aging pets
– Cover is machine washable

Indoor Kitty Window Perch

An indoor cat is usually going to live a much longer and healthier life than an outdoor cat. However, an indoor cat will have a bit of an increased risk of health issues if they live a lifestyle that is too sedentary, such as emotional problems or weight gain that is caused by lack of challenge, boredom and inactivity. This is where a perch for the window can be a perfect option to help peak interest and give the cat a way to enjoy viewing the outside world from their own little space.

K&H Manufacturing EZ Mount Window Pod Kitty Sill Green 27 InchK&H Manufacturing EZ Mount Window Pod Kitty Sill Green 27 InchComfortable Cat Window Mounted Perch Cot Can Be Folded Against WindowComfortable Cat Window Mounted Perch Cot Can Be Folded Against WindowOriginal Kitty Cot PATENTED Giant Suction CupsOriginal Kitty Cot PATENTED Giant Suction Cups

While looking at the confines of indoor living, a cat can have natural behaviors that may be destructive. Seeing how a cat is not normally taken for walks like a dog, they need to find a way to get some of their energy out. Instead of having your furniture act as a perch, which can get scratched or ruined over time, a good window sitting area can be a perfect.

Cat Window Seat

Do you have a great window with sunshine that comes through it for a good portion of the day? If so, the right cat seat or hammock is going to make for the perfect addition to your home. A lot of the perches today will come complete with an easy set up kit and a removable covering that you can take off and wash whenever necessary. It is simply going to be a matter of finding the right perch to fit in with your window style to give your cat a nice place to go.

Tub Sleeper Cat Window Perch (Beige)Tub Sleeper Cat Window Perch (Beige)Kitty Window Perch Upto 25lbsKitty Window Perch Upto 25lbsMeow Town Kitty Window Cat Perch, BeigeMeow Town Kitty Window Cat Perch, Beige

Overall, you will find that a quality window perch for cats can be a nice addition to your living space and really help to keep your cat active and feeling as though he or she is the true ruler of their feline kingdom.

Make Your Own Window Cat Perch

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  1. Gypzeerose

    These kitty window perches would delight any cat. My favorite is the heated shelf.

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