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Window Views Featuring Beautiful Scenes

Any room can have a sensational view with a ‘fake window’ poster. These clever photographic prints feature a window framing a beautiful scene, which gives you the effect of both the window itself and the scenic outlook.

Available in a 34 inch high, 23 inch wide art print, you can hang it on your wall to quickly create your ideal window view.

Imagine having one of these above your desk, with a peaceful scene that you could gaze into each time you wanted to rest and daydream a while. Or in your bedroom, as an uplifting sight to awaken to each day.

These lovely views are available from the appropriately named Scene From A Window via Zazzle, an online print on demand store who pride themselves on customer satisfaction and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

For more photographic posters featuring window scenes, plus the very best paintings and artworks with a window theme, be sure to visit the Scene From a Window blog.

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Scenes from windows

To make the most of your new peaceful view you might want to consider trying out some ambient music to listen to while you daydream.

It doesn’t have to be ‘new age’ if that’s not your thing, there is a vast range of music including soothing classical music, modern instrumental works featuring piano music, strings or voice, or even binaural beats and ‘brainwave’ or ‘brainsync’ type music. And of course there are natural sounds such as whale songs or recordings of ocean waves or singing birds, either alone or blended with music. Choose whatever relaxes you personally, even if it doesn’t fit the stereotype of ‘relaxation music’.

Have a peaceful day.

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  1. Thanks! Much appreciate the formatting help, Thomas, it looks so much better now.

  2. Very nice! What a clever idea, such beautiful scenes too. Nice job!

  3. What a great idea this is! I can think of a few places in my house that need a window with a nice view!

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