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Wine Barrel Wine Racks

Find the perfect wine barrel wine racks

If you’re looking for an attractive way to store your wine bottles, you might like these unique wine barrel wine racks.

Carefully handcrafted, they would look great in any bar, den or family room. With their rustic appeal they would be a useful addition to any wine lover’s home.

These wine barrel wine racks can store up to 32 bottles of wine, although some are smaller, enabling you to have a nice selection of wines to choose from whenever you have guests.

Above creative commons photo by BradleyPJohnson


Wine Barrel Wine Racks

The wine barrel wine racks pictured above are handcrafted from recycled wine barrels. As you can see, they are very attractive and would make a functional and stylish accent in the home.
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You can find more wine barrel wine racks here.


Did you know?

It takes one whole day for an experienced cooper (barrel maker) to make just one barrel


The art of barrel making goes back around 2000 years. Originally barrels were designed for easier transportation reasons. At one time many things were transported in barrels.
It was discovered that wine, stored in certain types of oak barrels developed a better flavor and so the oak barrel became the ideal way to age as well as transport wine. French oak is generally considered the best for wine aging as it imparts a delicate vanilla type of flavor without leaching tannins into the wine. There are also two types of American oaks that are commonly used.


Wine Barrel Stave Racks

You can find different styles of stave wine racks to sit on a table or hang on the wall. Made from original wine barrels these wine racks have a nice rustic appeal and you can use them anywhere that is handy and convenient.

You can find more wine stave racks here.
Just click on the picture for more information or to buy.


There are many types of wine storage, from shelving for complete wine cellar, to attractive pieces of furniture like these wine barrel racks. You can also buy unique wine bottle holders that just hold a single bottle. If you know a wine lover, a fun wine bottle holder could make an ideal gift.

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