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Wine Cork Crafts

Useful Projects with Wine Corks

I’m amazed by the many uses for wine corks. Years ago, a good friend made a cork board for us using wine corks. It was a great housewarming gift for our new home.

Here’s a humble item that many people toss without giving it any thought. To them it’s just a small item that was used once and its life is over. Save that cork and put it to a good use. Crafts made from corks look quite unique and the designs on the corks add a further graphic element to any project.

Here are some ideas for you if you have a stash of wine corks. If you don’t have some saved, start now and ask your friends to save them for your projects too. You can even buy a batch of wine corks to use in a craft project.

Step-By-Step Articles for Making Things from Wine Corks – Click on the titles to go to the articles.

~ How to Make a Cork Trivet Using a Picture Frame | eHow
Why buy an expensive cork trivet when you can make your own from wine corks. Follow these steps to create a cork trivet to use for hot pots. (this is an article I wrote when I freelanced for eHow)

~ How to Make Ornaments With Wine Corks | eHow.com
If you enjoy cooking with wine or having a glass of wine at dinner, chances are you’ve amassed a collection of wine corks. Many people collect their old wine corks, as some are attractive and have…

~ How to Make Wine Cork Key Chains by Peggy Hazelwood
These make a great key ring and it’s a very easy craft project.

~ Crafting a Green World | The home for green crafts and tutorials!
Add sails to turn a cork into a pirate ship. Fun for decorating a table at a pirate themed party.

Photo: A Cork Trivet That I Made Using a Small Picture Frame.
Source: Virginia Allain

Make a Wine Cork Lazy Susan – with this kit from Amazon

True by True Fabrications Giftable Lazy Susan Cork Display for Turning Wine Corks into Collectible KeepsakesView Now

What a great project to use the corks you’ve saved. The glass on top gives a level surface that’s easy to wipe clean. Don’t spin the Lazy Susan too wildly if you have an open bottle of wine on it though.

Cork display has rubberwood frame and a removable glass top
Holds up to 130 corks.

Turn the corks from favorite vintages or special memories into a keepsake.


Useful Projects with Wine Corks

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Board Kit

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Board KitView Now

Now that you’ve seen how laborious it is to harvest cork and make it into a stopper for a wine bottle, you’ll never thoughtlessly throw one away again.

Here’s a project to use up the ones you will now accumulate.


Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Coasters Kit, Set of 4

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Coasters Kit, Set of 4View Now

Here’s a quickie project for you. Make four coasters and use up a batch of wine corks.

I just got this kit and will add some photos of my finished coasters soon.

This is for my husband’s birthday. He will love them and it will save the tabletops from drips and glass rings


Wine Enthusiast Round Wine Cork Board Kit

Wine Enthusiast Round Wine Cork Board KitView Now

Great look and a nice change from the traditional square bulletin board.

Repurpose your corks ans preserve your memories!

Fill this kit with keepsake corks and enjoy “memories of wines past”—along with a handy board for protecting surfaces and furnishing walls.

A fun, eco-friendly way to turn your love for wine into a handsome home accent.

Mahogany sourced from sustainable tree plantations.


It’s amazing the variety of things you can make from wine corks!

Wine Enthusiast Cork Trivet Kit

Wine Enthusiast Cork Trivet KitView Now

These have excellent heat resistance, so it makes a great trivet to hold that hot pot. This is similar to the one at the top of the page that I made. These make a really nice gift when you visit someone or for a housewarming.


Wine Cork Serving Tray Kit

I really like this one a lot! Just arrange your own corks in any way you want. No messy glues to use. Place the plexiglass over the corks for a smooth surface for the tray.
Wine Cork Serving Tray KitView Now

Includes maple wood tray and Plexiglas cover.

Tray is natural maple wood.

Arrange dozens of corks from special occasions or favorite vintages.

Measures 17Lx13W”


Wine Cork Trivet Kit

I made one of these and it was a fairly easy craft project. Shows off your corks nicely. Of course, cork insulates quite well so it will protect your table or counter.

Wine Cork Trivet KitView Now

Artists and Their Wine Cork Designs

* OneofaCork.com | Wine Cork Art | Recycled Wine Cork Art by Steven Leslie
View and buy fine art made sustainably from recycled wine corks. Steve Leslie’s sculptures are shown in galleries throughout California.

* Jan Elftmann – Corktruck.com
Would you cover a whole car in wine corks? This artist did.

Cork Cage Shaped Like a Wine Glass

Epic Products Cork Cage Chalkboard Wine Glass, 12-InchView Now

Fun to display on the counter or in your home bar area.

Cage measures 12″ tall
Durable metal construction
Beautifully designed ornamentation and styling
Holds keepsake wine or champagne corks
Customizable chalkboard surface


Even More Instructions for Making Things from Wine Corks – These are great Christmas Crafts (click on each title to see the whole article)

1. DIY Wine Bottle Cork Christmas Reindeer Decorations
Do you have piles of wine corks that savor memories of good cheer from the Christmas fun and you can’t part with them. Then this project is for you. Make some Christmas reindeer out of your wine corks and put them out for the holidays to keep your me.

2. How to Make a Wreath With Wine Corks
Looking for a project to finally use all those wine corks you’ve been saving up? Cork wreaths are easy to make, cheap, and great for decorating.

3. How to Make A Wine Cork Wreath:
My husband helped me with this wonderful wine cork craft. I made several of these wreaths for gifts to special friends. I also had fun collecting the wine corks to recycle into handcrafted projects.

My Collection of Corks

As you can see, I don’t need to order any corks. I have a pretty big selection already. I sort out the synthetic or plastic corks and save them for projects like a boot mat. The really nice corks with attractive logos on the side I save for my best craft projects.
Source: Virginia Allain

Save and Repurpose All Your Wine Corks!

Recycling Cork for Commercial Use

Photo Source: Virginia Allain

Save each cork, and eventually you’ll have a lot.

Welcome to ReCork America!
The kind of cork used in wine closures, is a perfect choice for recycling. It’s 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable. There is absolutely no reason natural wine corks should end up as landfill when recycled cork can become flooring and many others.

All Whole Foods Stores to Recycle Wine Corks – Earth911.com
Guide to local resources including recycling centers, how to recycle, pollution prevention and how help protect the environment.

Recycling Wine Corks | Tiny Choices
A wine cork can be ground or used as-is to create other products. This blog gives an address for mailing the corks to be turned into floor tiles.

Fill This Lamp Base with Wine Corks

Fillable Clear Glass Table LampView Now

I love the idea of these fillable lamp bases. No one else will have one just like yours.

Glass Jar Table Lamp
Ribbed Clear Glass Base with Removable Brushed Silver Top
14″ bottom linen shade
24″ high from bottom of base to top of shade
100 watt max


Another Way to Display Wine Corks – Saved from special occasions

Metrokane CorkHaus Wine Cork Display, BambooView Now

Metrokane CorkHaus Wine Cork Display, Bamboo

This lines up your corks to show off the names on them. Great way to enjoy all those wine memories.

Displays corks in neat, vertical rows; can be arranged to show the brands, estate names and designs printed on corks.

Crafted of the finest bamboo and polished stainless steel
For use as a standing sculpture or wall display.

Measures 13-inch high by 10-3/4-inch wide by 1-3/4-inch deep.


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