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Essential Winter Supplies for Your Car

Winter Car Supplies

I am a wimp when it comes to winter, I hate the cold and I hate sitting in a cold car first thing in the morning when I drive to work. When you live in Nebraska you have to be prepared for blizzards and the possibility of getting stuck in the snow.

Being prepared not only makes you more comfortable during winter commutes but can save your life if you get stranded.

Luxury of a Heated Car Seat

Heated Car Seat Covers

Yes, a heated car seat is a luxury, but you don’t have to buy a Mercedes or BMW to enjoy a warm tush or car. Before we got married I didn’t have a garage and not only did I hate going outside early in the morning and scraping ice from my windsheild I HATED a cold car. By the time I got to work it was finally warming up and I had to go inside.

One year my husband bought me a heated car seat cover and I was in love with my car during the winter. In fact during the summer I yearned for that nice toasty feeling my butt got as I drove to work. To go along with my hot bottom is the soft, cushy heat steering wheel cover. You see, I’m not really fond of gloves. Most of the time they are too bulky. But a heated steering wheel is just the ticket in the winter. I may even enjoy driving in the snow and ice. Well, I won’t go that far, but check them out, they are an ideal gift for anyone who lives in the Northern States where it seems to be winter all year.

Sunsbell®Car Winter Cold Weather Heated Seat Cushion Hot Cover Auto 12V Heat Heating Warmer Pad-winter BlackGlacier Heat Heated Steering Wheel Cover with Rechargeable Battery NO CORD 180° Coverage

Ice Scrapers are NOT Sexy

The Essential Ice Scraper

I don’t know anyone who enjoys scraping ice off their car windows. Do you? So no, ice scrapers are NOT sexy, but essential. Don’t buy a cheap two dollar plastic scraper at the gas station, they chip, don’t actually get down and dirty with tough ice. You know the kind, the quarter inch ice that covers everything including your car door so you can’t open it type of ice that takes thirty minutes to chip through.

Remember my I don’t like gloves statement. One of my favorite ice scrapers is the mitten scraper combination. Keeps your hands dry and warm while working on the windshield, your other hand can stay in your pocket.

Innovation Factory IceDozer Plus 2.0 Ice Scraper, Made in USAColumbia Field Gear 9.5 Soft Lined Glove with Durable 4Hopkins 583-EP Mallory Telescoping Sport Broom with Pivoting 10Hopkins 533 Mallory SnoWisp Deluxe 26

Emergency Car Kit

Cold Weather Survival Kit

In many states across the country severe winter storms are a big possibility and getting stranded is no laughing matter. In addition to always keeping your fuel tank half full during the winter months it is very important you stock your car with a winter survival kit.

This includes not only the standard flares, and flashlight but a winter survival blanket, hand warmers, shovel for digging out or keeping your tail pipe clear to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition having your own blankets, extra gloves, hats, scarves in a closed tote in the trunk along with bottled water and snacks are also smart travel accessories.

AAA 65-Piece Winter Severe Weather Travel KitAAA 4014AAA All-Purpose Travel BlanketReady America 70410 Cold Weather Survival Kit for Two PersonMayday Winter Emergency Car Kit – Road Warrior Standard – 10 Below

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  1. Great ideas for winter traveling.

  2. Gypzeerose

    I am now in Northern California, where winter means rain, but I certainly remember cold, potentially dangerous winters when I lived in Alberta or even the American Midwest. These kinds of kits will be forgotten – until you need them and then they are essential. You have found wonderful and unique cold weather gear.

    Hmmm – come to think of it I need to check my earthquake kit!

  3. MareeT

    These items are must-haves when travelling in the winter weather. Great suggestions for safety.

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