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Winter in Wartime

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Winter in Wartime, A Book Review

Winter in Wartime is a book about Holland during World War ll written by Jan Terlouw.

Michiel was a 16 year old boy who lived with his father, the Mayor, mother, older sister, and younger brother. They were under curfew  and had to be in their homes  by 9 PM and their homes were to be dark so everyone had black paper on their windows and used candles or carbide lights.

Winter in Wartime

Winter in Wartime

The Germans took most of the food so they were always hungry and they could no longer get coal for heat so had to use wood so often were cold too. They either walked where ever they went or rode bicycles with wooden wheels.They dug fox holes along the roads so they could jump in them in a plane flew over and shot at them.

Michiels house was always full at night as people who were traveling from one place to another and could not reach it before curfew would knock on the door and be brought in to sleep on the floor and share the meager meals. They did not know who to trust and who not . It was a very difficult time. Michiel had had to leave school because the train he was on was shot at. His sister had gotten some schooling as a nurse and was volunteering.

Read this book to see how Michiel and his sister helped tend a British pilot’s wounds and keep him hid for months, How Michiel smuggled two men across the river. and other interesting things that happened.

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