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Home Sweet Home : Fancy a Wishing Well in Your Own Backyard?

Some say the tradition of the wishing well started in Europe, but has worldwide significance.

REF: Wishing Well Tradition – History, Origins, Rituals

Water being viewed as the giver of life, the early Celts and Germanic people attached a sacredness to water. A belief developed that any wish made over a source of water would come true. Somehow the idea of making a wish spread and the Make-a-Wish custom as of today is practiced almost worldwide.

Fancy having a wishing well in your yard? It could be a lovely (and relatively inexpensive) addition to a peaceful garden?

Wishing Well Outdoor Fountain

Makes a wonderful addition to your garden

Outdoor Wishing Well Water Fountain

Wishing Well Alternatives

Water Fountains

Sunnydaze Water Fountains!
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  1. Love the idea of a wishing well in my garden. There are some lovely ones to choose from.

  2. Gypzeerose

    A think a wishing well would provide a beautiful centerpiece for any garden. I remember one of my mother’s friends had one, and she a microphone there where she could talk to the children when they threw their pennies in. Unless it really was the fairies talking like she told me!

  3. I never thought of having a wishing well right at home!!

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