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WoW Worgen or Werewolf Costumes

Looking for a Worgen or Werewolf Costume?

Were you thinking of dressing up as a character from World of Warcraft this year? Or are you looking for a great WoW cosplay costume? You are in the right place!

Worgens are the Alliance race that was introduced in the Cataclysm expansion. Worgens are werewolves; a furred human body with a wolf head. Unfortunately Worgens do not have tails. Because of their close resemblance to werewolves, Worgens are the perfect choice for Halloween costumes……or for cosplay or conventions. I have gathered up all the items you will need to assemble an excellent Worgen or werewolf costume, below on this page. All the pieces needed are there, make up or masks, furred claws, wolf feet, hairy chests , anything you could want is here.

So if a worgen or werewolf is what you want to be for Halloween, I am sure you will find exactly what you need.

Comeplete Werewolf Costume

Full Outfit

Why go half way? Get a full costume and go all the way. From full body fur, to a wolf bursting out of regular clothing, we have whatever you have in mind. Be the Worgen or werewolf you want to be! You can even transform your dog into his inner werewolf!

Men's Werewolf Costume - One SizeMen’s Werewolf Costume – One SizeMen's White Werewolf Full Fur CostumeMen’s White Werewolf Full Fur CostumeWolfman Child's Deluxe CostumeWolfman Child’s Deluxe CostumeBoys' Deluxe Red Werewolf CostumeBoys’ Deluxe Red Werewolf CostumeCalifornia Costumes Werewolf  CostumeCalifornia Costumes Werewolf CostumeCalifornia Costumes Childs WerewolfCalifornia Costumes Childs WerewolfBoys Werewolf Mask and Shirt SetBoys Werewolf Mask and Shirt SetLittle Boys' Toddler Werewolf CostumeLittle Boys’ Toddler Werewolf CostumeJuniors Grey Woman's Werewolf CostumeJuniors Grey Woman’s Werewolf CostumeChildren's Hungry Howler CostumeChildren’s Hungry Howler CostumeWerewolf Girl Child CostumeWerewolf Girl Child CostumeWerewolf Costume for DogsWerewolf Costume for Dogs


Where did the Worgen’s Come From?

A Bit of Worgen History

The original wolfbeasts known as Worgen were controlled by the evil Archmage Arugal and used as soldiers against the Scourge in the third war.

Unfortunately, the Worgen eventually turned against those they had fought with and attacked the humans. Since the cursed bite of the Worgen turned the humans into Worgens too, the infection ran out of control through the great walled Gilneas City, afflicting the entire city. Because of this, they stayed isolated for decades, but the Cataclysm has forced them to come out and face the world regardless of their dark side.

Is There Lore for the Worgen Race?

Find Out in This Short Video

Worgen or Werewolf Masks

Full Head Masks

A mask is what you need, if you want to build your own costume. A bit of fur, some torn clothes, furry hands and feet and you are ready to go. The mask is what counts, so make it a great one!

California Costumes Werewolf MaskCalifornia Costumes Werewolf MaskMen's Werewolf Ani-Motion MaskMen’s Werewolf Ani-Motion MaskWhite and Grey Furry Werewolf Full Face MaskWhite and Grey Furry Werewolf Full Face MaskWerewolf Deluxe Beast  Latex Adult  Halloween MaskWerewolf Deluxe Beast Latex Adult Halloween MaskCollector's Wolf Man MaskCollector’s Wolf Man MaskThe Wolfman Movie, Child's MaskThe Wolfman Movie, Child’s MaskSmiffy's Unisex Full Head Wolf MaskSmiffy’s Unisex Full Head Wolf MaskSmiffy's Unisex Wolf Mask, BrownSmiffy’s Unisex Wolf Mask, Brown


Wolf Hands and Feet

Every Wolf Needs Hands and Feet

You can’t be a wolf without claws on hands and feet! These gloves and shoe covers are exactly what you need if you want to build your own costume from scratch!

Werewolf Feet Deluxe Shoe CoversWerewolf Feet Deluxe Shoe CoversWolf Feet, Grey Faux FurWolf Feet, Grey Faux FurAdult Wolf Feet (Standard)Adult Wolf Feet (Standard)Billy Bob Hairy Werewolf Costume Feet ToyBilly Bob Hairy Werewolf Costume Feet ToyWerewolf Hands Grey CostumeWerewolf Hands Grey CostumeWolfman Deluxe Latex HandsWolfman Deluxe Latex HandsMen's Werewolf Latex Claw HandsMen’s Werewolf Latex Claw HandsWerewolf Hands Halloween CostumeWerewolf Hands Halloween CostumeMen's Brown Hairy Wolf Claw GlovesMen’s Brown Hairy Wolf Claw GlovesX - Long Werewolf Gloves BrownX – Long Werewolf Gloves Brown


Fun Wolf Stuff

For Those Who Want To be a Funny Wolf

Don’t want to be a scary Worgen or werewolf? We have some great hats, gloves, tails and more to let you make a cute or funny costume.

Wolf Ears & Tail SetWolf Ears & Tail SetBig Bad WolfBig Bad WolfWolf Hat with EarsWolf Hat with EarsFurry Wolf Ear HatFurry Wolf Ear HatBig Bad WolfBig Bad WolfOversized Wolf EarsOversized Wolf Ears


Werewolf Makeup and Prosthetics

For Those That Prefer Not to Wear Masks

Sometimes masks can be uncomfortable. It’s hard to talk or eat. If that is the case, then why not use makeup instead? We have all the kits you need and even a great video tutorial to show you how!

Werewolf Makeup KitWerewolf Makeup KitWerewolf Foam ProstheticsWerewolf Foam ProstheticsLatex Fairy Pixie Elf EarsLatex Fairy Pixie Elf EarsElf Pointed Ears Costume AccessoryElf Pointed Ears Costume AccessoryAdult Werewolf TeethAdult Werewolf TeethForum Novelties Werewolf Makeup KitForum Novelties Werewolf Makeup KitWerewolf Foam ApplianceWerewolf Foam ApplianceComplete Werewolf Makeup KitComplete Werewolf Makeup KitHalloween Werewolf Make-Up KitHalloween Werewolf Make-Up KitInstant Werewolf Facial HairInstant Werewolf Facial Hair


Werewolf Makeup Tutorial Video

Step By Step

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