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WoW Orc Costumes for Halloween or Cosplay

Get Your Orc On! Halloween is Coming !

Now is the perfect time to get an Orc Costume! Not only is Halloween coming, but the World of Warcraft expansion Warlord of Draenor is still going strong! Orcs are the stars of this expansion which is all about the history of the Orc people and the beginnings of the Horde.

Think of all the places you will be able to wear your Orc Costume:

Halloween Parties
Taking kids trick or treating
Cosplay Warlords of Draenor Parties
Wear it to the store the night that the expansion hits the stores
You can also wear it to the next sci fi and fantasy convention

Being an orc this fall is definitely THE costume to have, and we have all the items you need to look the part perfectly! If you like masks, we have three to choose from, and if you prefer not to wear a mask, we have what you need to “orcify” yourself with make up and prosthetics. We’ve even included a video that shows you how to do your make up.

Shop on!

Full Costume Male Orc

Great Price!


Muscle chest tunic
Molded armor and attached apron
Make up and spirit gum

World Of Warcraft Adult ORC Set, Green, Standard

Accessories for This Orc Costume

The Details are Key!

Plain Non-Piercing Septum Hanger (Sold Individually)Plain Non-Piercing Septum Hanger (Sold Individually)KAVANI Alloy Fake Septum Nose Ring Nails Hoops Rose Gold for Girls WomenKAVANI Alloy Fake Septum Nose Ring Nails Hoops Rose Gold for Girls WomenRubie's Costume Studded GlovesRubie’s Costume Studded GlovesMen's Genuine Leather GauntletsMen’s Genuine Leather GauntletsBlack Synthetic Leather 7 Buckle Gauntlet WristbandBlack Synthetic Leather 7 Buckle Gauntlet WristbandFaux Black Leather Gauntlet Wristband Wide Bracer Arm Armor CuffFaux Black Leather Gauntlet Wristband Wide Bracer Arm Armor CuffEllie Shoes Men's Black Boot Sizes)Ellie Shoes Men’s Black Boot Sizes)Engineer Boot Black PolyurethaneEngineer Boot Black Polyurethane


A Weapon is a Must!

Which Do You Prefer, a Mace, Axe or Sword?

Orcs can use any kind of weapon. A shield and sword, a mace, dual wield axes, a bow or cross bow. Whatever you prefer, with an orc, anything goes!

Rubies War HammerRubies War HammerWar Hammer Costume WeaponWar Hammer Costume WeaponSzco Supplies Studded Battle AxeSzco Supplies Studded Battle AxeDeath's Head Skull Battle AxeDeath’s Head Skull Battle AxeGreenleaf Fighting KnivesGreenleaf Fighting KnivesAssassins Creed Altair Majestic SwordAssassins Creed Altair Majestic SwordAdults Halloween Horror Skull MaceAdults Halloween Horror Skull MaceAdorox Hook Chain MaceAdorox Hook Chain MaceCalifornia Costumes Men's Gladiator Combat Shield & Sword 12California Costumes Men’s Gladiator Combat Shield & Sword 12″ Costume AccessoryCalifornia Costumes Crusader Sword & Shield Costume AccessoryCalifornia Costumes Crusader Sword & Shield Costume AccessoryBow and Arrow of TaurielBow and Arrow of TaurielLord Of The Rings Accessory BowLord Of The Rings Accessory Bow


Orc Masks

Full Head Masks

If you prefer to assemble your own costume, here are the masks you will need to start your orc out right!

World Of Warcraft Deluxe Latex Mask, OrcWorld Of Warcraft Deluxe Latex Mask, OrcWorld of Warcraft Orc Latex MaskWorld of Warcraft Orc Latex Mask


If You Prefer To Not Wear a Mask…..

Here’s What You Need

And below is a video of how to do your makeup to look like a fierce Orc!

Ear Tips LargeEar Tips LargeWerewolf TeethWerewolf TeethFFX (1oz, Green) Tube Make UpFFX (1oz, Green) Tube Make Up


How to Make Up An Orc

It’s Not Easy Turning Green :)

Outfits for Whatever Class You Choose

Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior, Monk

Whatever class you want to play, we have the outfit you need. Regardless of the class you choose, you will probably need the items previously listed above, the leather arm gauntlet, the gloves, the boots and a nose ring, so don’t forget to pick them up as well!

California Costumes Men's Robin Hood CostumeCalifornia Costumes Men’s Robin Hood CostumeInCharacter Costumes Men's Ninja WarriorInCharacter Costumes Men’s Ninja WarriorCalifornia Costumes Men's Tavern Man CostumeCalifornia Costumes Men’s Tavern Man CostumeInCharacter Costumes Men's Scorpion Warrior Costume, Brown, MediumInCharacter Costumes Men’s Scorpion Warrior Costume, Brown, MediumCalifornia Costumes Men's Centurion CostumeCalifornia Costumes Men’s Centurion CostumeInCharacter Costumes Men's Viking Warrior Costume, Black/Gold, LargeInCharacter Costumes Men’s Viking Warrior Costume, Black/Gold, LargeCG Costume Men's Kylo Ren Robes Outfit Cosplay Costume LargeCG Costume Men’s Kylo Ren Robes Outfit Cosplay Costume LargeAdult Men's Dark Mystic Sorcerer Robe Halloween Costume with Hooded Cape (XX-Large)Adult Men’s Dark Mystic Sorcerer Robe Halloween Costume with Hooded Cape (XX-Large)SeasonsTrading 48SeasonsTrading 48″ Black Cape ~ Halloween Costume Accessory



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