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Wreath Hangers

Wreath Hangers

Wreaths are ones of those decorations that just about everyone has for Christmas but what’s the best way to hang your Christmas Wreath. Wreath hangers have to go with every wreath so you can display your wreath’s beauty and splendor.

Wreath Hangers

There are many different varieties of wreath hangers so no matter where you want to hang your wreath, there is a hanger that will fit your needs.

These specially made wreath hangers are designed to securely hang your wreath without damaging any existing door or window.

Over Door Wreath Hangers

Every door needs a wreath on Christmas and these wreath hangers are made to hang that beautiful wreath on your front door. They are made to fit standard size doors whether they are made of wood or metal and they will not damage or scratch your finish or door surface. Available in a variety of different finishes to match your door and style to accentuate your Christmas decorating style.

 Lighted Candlestick Wreath Door Hanger 1 X Fleur De Lis Over Door Holiday Wreath Hanger Adjustable Wreath Hanger – Brass Finish Wreath Hanger Over the Door Hook Brass Metal Snowflake Door Wreath Hanger Scrolled Metal Over Door Wreath Hanger Wreath Design Over Door Wreath Hanger Brass Metal Snowflake Over Door Wreath Hanger Iron Victorian Heart Christmas Holiday Wreath Hanger Iron Scrolling Angel Over Door Wreath Hanger Snowman Over Door Wreath Hanger Adjustable Wreath Hanger with Interchangeable Icons

Window Wreath Hangers

Hanging wreaths on your window can present some challenges especially if you hang them in your upper windows. There are a couple of different ways to hang your wreaths on your windows. One way is to use magnetic wreath hangers, 2 magnets, one on the inside on the outside. Magnetic wreath hangers are also great to use on your metal door.

 Magnetic Wreath Hanger Magnetic Hook with Decor Hook Chrome Plate Magnetic Wreath Hanger, White Magnet with Hanger – Black – 2 pieces Black Suction Cups Wreath Hangers Green Magnetic Wreath Holder

Free Standing Wreath Hangers

While many of us love our outside wreaths, you can have wreaths inside as well. Many have a beautifully decorated Christmas Wreath over their mantle or have smaller wreaths throughout their homes. Free standing wreath hangers are perfect for holding your wreaths inside your home. They come is a variety of style that will perfectly match your inside decor.

 Darice Free Standing Metal Wreath Hanger Free Standing Metal Wreath Hanger Adjustable Wedding Hanger Free Standing Rustic Metal Star Wreath Hanger Fluer De Lis Wreath Stand, Antique Gold Star Free Standing Wreath Hanger

Merry Christmas

From our family to yours

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