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You Can’t Push a Rope

You Can't Push a Rope

You can't push a rope

The saying, “You can’t push a rope,” has been used by many people to illustrate an essential truth about the way things work. Just as water runs downhill and stands in low places, because that is its nature, so pushing a rope will only make it wad up, and performs no useful purpose. 

It is an old saying from Navy training, “You can’t push a rope.” What it means is that you must lead, not follow. What are some good characteristics of a leader? 

Leaders must be enthusiastic about the goal before them, and willing to take the lead in pursuing the goal. They must “pull the rope.” Leaders should also exude confidence in their strategy for achieving the goal, and should inspire others to “pull the rope” as well.

Good leaders do not get distracted from the goal, even in the face of the unexpected. They remain focused on the task at hand, and do not let occasional setbacks keep them from achieving their goal. They don’t let go of the rope.

The very best leaders are totally committed to excellence, not just completion of the task at hand, and their inspiration allows the others on their team to learn to be leaders as well.

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