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Yummy Nummies Burger Maker

Yummy Nummies Burger Maker

This yummy nummies burger maker, make a meal fun set comes with all you need to make a classic American burger meal. You can’t have a yummy nummies burger without fries and cola to complete the meal. The food ingredients are all made in the USA too. These sets are a great way to introduce children into prepping and cooking food. Simple to follow instructions let your child gain skills to measure and mix their way to a meal that tastes like a real burger. fries and cola. No oven or stove top is needed (it’s all microwavable) to make this scrumptious fun filled meal.

Burger & Fries

Would you like to mini size that?

Yummy Nummies Mini Burger

These pictures show how mini the burger, fries and cola are. See the size compared to the little girls hand?

Yummy Nummies Best Ever Burger Maker

What’s In The Box?

Yummy Nummies Make-a-Meal Fun Set – Best Ever Burger Maker

Everything you need to make a fast food type burger meal is included in the box.

The best ever burger maker includes one of each of the following

instruction sheet
magic kitchen tray
bun packet
burger packet
cheese packet
fries packet
ketchup packet
cola drink packet
measuring scoop
non stick sheet
cutting tool
cooking utensils that are disposable for easy clean up

Yummy Nummies Burger Maker Video

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