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Have a Zombie Garden Gnome Apocalypse in Your Yard

Let the Battle Begin…….In Your Yard!

Decorating your yard for Halloween is always fun, but every year you see to same thing: ghost and ghouls, pumkins and black cats, gravestones and skeletons, and so on. Did you ever want to have a Halloween yard that was really original? Something that will make you the envy of all your neighbors? Something that will make people scratch their heads and say…….why didn’t I think of that?

Well now you can have that! Have a Zombie Garden Gnome Apocalypse in your yard for Halloween!

We have everything you need to make that apocalypse a reality! Zombie gnomes, armed survivor gnomes, even zombie attack pets! Challenge your neighbor to a battle, who knows, maybe he wants in on the apocalypse too!

The Zombies are Coming!

For Your Yard Gnomes!

No where is safe, show this with these grisly statues! Let them be the centerpiece of your yard’s Gnome Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombie Gnomes: I LiveZombie Gnomes: I LiveZombie Gnomes Love A la CarteZombie Gnomes Love A la Carte


Standing Zombie Gnomes

Male and Female

These are your attack zombie gnomes. Partially hidden behind rocks or tombstones, peeking out, waiting to pounce these are the main force that are on the offensive! Don’t let them overrun you!

Scary Zombie Garden Gnome with One ArmScary Zombie Garden Gnome with One ArmUndead Zombie Little Girl Voodoo Gnome SculptureUndead Zombie Little Girl Voodoo Gnome SculptureZombie Garden Gnome Color OutdooZombie Garden Gnome Color OutdooNFL Pittsburgh Steelers Zombie Man GnomeNFL Pittsburgh Steelers Zombie Man GnomeCreepy Halloween Zombie Gnome Garden StatueCreepy Halloween Zombie Gnome Garden StatueZombie Gnome Girl Garden Statue SculptureZombie Gnome Girl Garden Statue SculptureWalking Fred Zombie Gnome Solar Lantern StatueWalking Fred Zombie Gnome Solar Lantern StatueZombie Garden Gnome Girl PropZombie Garden Gnome Girl Prop


Zombe Garden Gnome Apocalypse!

You Know It’s Coming!

Ground Gnomes and Crawling Gnomes

Perfect for the Grass

These zombies prefer to remain hidden, waiting to pop up and use surprise attacks. Perfect for use with gravestones and grass. There is also a groups of grisly ghouls that are making a feast of your pink flamingos, before turning them into zombie flamingos!

Zombie Gnome Garden Statue SculptureZombie Gnome Garden Statue SculptureDesign Toscano Zombie Gnombie StatueDesign Toscano Zombie Gnombie StatueZombie Garden GnomeZombie Garden GnomeZombie Crawler Garden GnomeZombie Crawler Garden Gnome


Zombie is considered slang

the proper term is
Reanimated Life Form

Survivor Gnomes to Battle Your Zombie Gnomes

Stage Your Own Zombie Apocalypse

These are your troops to fight against the zombie gnome horde. Rifles, pistols, axes, they don’t miss a weapon in the fight against the walking dead. Make sure you have enough soldiers in the battle!

Big Mouth Toys Angry Little GnomeBig Mouth Toys Angry Little GnomeBigMouth IncBigMouth IncCombat Garden Gnome!!Combat Garden Gnome!!Zombie Survivor Garden GnomeZombie Survivor Garden Gnome


Books on How to Fight Zombies

Valuable Knowledge!!

Ok, well, maybe they aren’t manuals on how to fight zombie GARDEN GNOMES, but I figure zombie are zombies, right? It does not really matter how tall they are!

The Zombie Combat Manual: A Guide to Fighting the Living DeadThe Zombie Combat Manual: A Guide to Fighting the Living DeadField Combat Manual for Zombie Slayers by Marc ShermanField Combat Manual for Zombie Slayers by Marc Sherman


October 8th is World Zombie Day

this celebration includes
Zombie Garden Gnomes

Zombie Pet Statues

Great for Halloween!

These pets are undead! Under the control of the zombies, don’t let them fool you! One bite and you will either be a zombie too, or you will be dinner! Beware of pets in a zombie apocalypse!

Zombie Cat DecorationZombie Cat DecorationSeasons Skeleton CatSeasons Skeleton CatZombie TerrierZombie TerrierBones the Hound Skeleton DogBones the Hound Skeleton DogZombie Flamingo Lawn OrnamentZombie Flamingo Lawn OrnamentSeasons Skeleton RavenSeasons Skeleton RavenStanding Zombie Rat PropStanding Zombie Rat PropHalloween Cat Halloween PropHalloween Cat Halloween PropCrazy Bonez Skeleton RatCrazy Bonez Skeleton RatCrazy Bonez Skeleton - Bat BonezCrazy Bonez Skeleton – Bat Bonez


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Good Luck !

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  1. I just love these zombie garden gnomes to add in with my Halloween decorating.

  2. Gypzeerose

    I always think gnomes are hilarious. This combination of gnomes and zombies is brilliant – it would make a perfect Halloween yard!

  3. I love zombies and these are some FABULOUS ideas for a Halloween display. Some of these I’d never seen. WOO HOO! Happy Halloween!

  4. Sara0129

    Hmm.. something different for Halloween. Nice idea!

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