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Zombie Hunter Costume for Kids

Will Your Child Be a Zombie Hunter for Halloween?

Whether you are looking for a cool zombie hunter costume for boys or for girls, you have come to the right place. You’ll find plenty of great options here for your kids.

If your child dreams of being a zombie hunter for Halloween, the help them to do it up right! They will need the costume and all the accessories you can furnish.

You can always try to make your own costumes, but I find it much easier to at least purchase a ready-made basic one, and build on it from there. The choice is yours!

Mom and Dad and the children can become a team of zombie hunters! Go out on Halloween night as a team of zombie hunters and have fun together.

 Child Zombie Hunter Men Zombie Hunter


Zombie Hunter Complete Costume Kit

California Costumes  Zombie HunterCalifornia Costumes Zombie Hunter

Zombies are everywhere in comics, TV, and movies, and we need all the zombie killers we can get!
This costume comes in a couple of different sizes and features:
Hat, shirt, coat.. Not Included: Machete, pants, shoes.
You provide the blood spatters on the face and hands, if you desire.
If your little guy is determined to hunt zombies this Halloween, this is the costume.

Zombie Hunter Accessories

Every zombie hunter needs the right tools in which to do those zombies in. Whether that be a gun, a sword, or something else. Whatever it takes to get the job done! Halloween costume accessories add detail to your costumes.

Zombie Hunter KitZombie Hunter KitZombie Hunter AxeZombie Hunter AxeZombie Hunter GunZombie Hunter GunZombie Arm Stump Costume AccessoryZombie Arm Stump Costume AccessoryDopey TeethDopey TeethBiohazard Zombie Tattoos Adult AccessoryBiohazard Zombie Tattoos Adult Accessory


Zombie Hunter Video Game

Kids can practice zombie hunting with this cool video games before becoming a zombie hunter for Halloween!

The Walking Dead Zombie Hunter Video GameThe Walking Dead Zombie Hunter Video Game


More Zombie Hunter Costumes & Accessories

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